Shot in the dark here. Does anyone recall a firm called J.M.Staveley, based somewhere near Carnforth, Lancs? I lived in a village called Warton, and the chap across the road (Bill McLaren) worked for them, and used to take me on trips, he used to park unit at his house, they can’t have been based too far away. Have tried searching on the net, but no luck, does anyone remember them? (used to run Scanias, 111 and 110, and 80’s as far as I remember the colour was red cabs.) Would be grateful for any memories.

Hi mate

ive found this photo. dont know if its the same Staveley though.

it looks a bit weird, like someone has “doctored” the photo and added the name board, but ive enlarged it and studied it and i reckon its a proper name board taken from somewhere else and proped up on the DAF.
Name on the door is HAZEBERRY or MAZEBERRY.

I can definately confirm that the truck was ex PIE and did do the Middle East…now youre paying proper attention arnt you Nick? :laughing:
mention those MAGIC WORDS and the old radar goes into overdrive ay!!!

hope this goes some way to helping with your request mate.