J. Coates, St Albans

Hi guys starting my c+e training with j coates in st albans on the 9th of September,they’ve asked me to pay the full amount before the course just wanted to see if anybody else did this and just a bit of feedback how the course was? Any feedback would be awesome

Only did C with them but they’ve got their own reversing area up there. They aren’t accredited though, and quite expensive.

Did C with them at slough no problems but when it came to C+E had a few probs with my trainer being a bit impatient with me but when I was doing my reversing up at st Albans there were two guys up there that helped me out a bit as could see was having probs one was a scottish guy (ex army) Bill I think his name was and another guy (cant remember his name and forgive me for saying he was a bigger lad if you know what I mean ) both of these guys did seem to wanna help rather than my instructor .

Also have a word with who you booked with as I was able to book some of my training towards my cpc hrs so might save you a bit of money in long run :bulb:

good luck with it all Im sure you will have no problems , nice little cafe across the road from reversing area , make a good bacon buttie lol !

Sounds like a bit of a mixed bag then,did you both pay the full amount before you did the training course? As was originally worried I was going to be paying for something that didn’t exist but obviously does as you’ve both done your training with the company :smiley:

J Coates HQ is in Leicester where I live and is definitely not a cowboy provider

Would I trust them by paying up front? = YES

Thank you that gives me huge peace of mind :smiley:

Thank you that gives me huge peace of mind :smiley:

I’ll add to what ROG has said… J. Coates are a respected provider and paying up front is perfectly normal because that’s what secures your booking. :smiley:

J. Coates appear in the TN list of recommended providers too, so you’re defo on a winner!!

Cheers all,hopefully can crack on now and get this license under my belt can’t wait to get on the road!! :smiley: