Iveco Stralis

Are there any OD’s out there who are running Inveco Stralis’s or have experience of them?

Any comments good or bad would be appreciated.


Paul L

Not actually had any experience with them but I believe the cursor engine is a very big improvement on the old 420. I know you can get a brand spanker 6x2 430 on a 2/3 year lease for £260 a week + VAT and that includes full R+M. don’t think its the type of truck to keep for 10 years! 3 years and export them out of here!!

dozer,which dealer is doing a stralis for £260 a week inc. r&m?

C.D Bramhall at manchester. 0161 7461919. He said he’d get me a demo, that was in November!! at that price I don’t know why I bother with old units.
IT’s having the gutts to sign that dotted line… :open_mouth:

I run a 4x2 Stralis 52 plate, got it last year with less than 200,000 kms on the clock, wish i had got something else, its cost me a fortune with things going wrong. Its a great drivers cab with loads of room but if any thing goes wrong
the back up from iveco is comical. I took it to a local service agent when it had a problem, they had it a week and didnt even tilt the cab, then tried to charge me for the work. I complained to Iveco UK who backed up the agent 100%. I wonder what would have happened if i had 50 ivecos ?. At the moment my complaint is with iveco in Italy, but im not holding out much hope. If you get one i wish you loads of luck.

I dont know about the stralis. but have a 1999 470 eurostar. to be honest there are some faults such as cab rust! but at the end of the day they are no more unreliable than any other make. i personally prefer erf’s but at the end of the day i am realistic in that for the money you get big power and a big cab. i am actually quite disapointed with the stralis as the eurostar had a daddy cab but they gave the stalis quite a small cab. the fact i like best is the driver of the eurostar bumped into the owner driver (who now has a scania) who had it previously and he said that the iveco was far far better. just one example i like to keep an open mind.

Check out Truck and Driver lastest issue for a road test

I’m not an OD, i work for a small haulage company. I’m now in my third Stralis, i drove a 470 Eurostar before it’s a vast improvment. My first was a 03 plate 400 6x2 on heavy work she needed revvin’ but it returned nearly 12mpg on a long run. Next one was a 05 plate 540 6x2 really nice motor pulled like hell & is still on our fleet it’s getting about 9mpg. Now i’ve got a 540 ES 6x2 also an 05 plate leather interior is easy to keep clean it’s also returning about 9mpg depending on the work it’s got a mid-lift axle so i don’t have the traction prob’s i had with the others, no major mecanical prob’s, my only gripes are in the cab. five small lockers over your head■■? One small & two large please Iveco!! The top bunk is plenty big enough, but when you lower it, it nicks all your headroom. Overall i’m happy with it, it’s a relaxing drive a good tool for the job, fast too, i don’t get passed by much. I would’nt want to double-man one for too long tho’ hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: