Iveco Stralis NP 480

I’ve in two minds to go ahead with the purchase of an Iveco 480 xp 6x2 2017 model just under 280ks on clock in really good condition inside and out. This is a step up for us from operating at lower weights and we don’t want to over extend ourselves at the moment. I’m told that on daily motorway work loaded heavy out light back I should see 10 mpg (it needs too !!) (4m Curtainsider/euroliner work) daily mileage will be between 550-700km. Ideally we will keep it for 3-4 years.

Would be really interest in the opinions of those that have driven or operated the newer 480 XP model, Thanks in advance

Iveco trucks despite what other people say are fine the but comes with the after sales,I suspect you are buying this on an Iveco funded lease I would ask them to put an uptime guarantee on the truck/ deal so any issues are shared.
We operate a number of euro 6 stralis and generally they are fine ; We operate a 17 plate 480 later spec and the fuel is better … 10 mpg really depends whose driving , we get 8 mpg pulling a walking floor so Into that you’ve got to account for time on PTO, maybe high 9’s are more realistic.
Stralis isn’t a bad truck to operate to make profit and let’s be honest that’s what we are all in it for .

I would say 9’s maybe 10 if you’re not in a rush.

They’re good trucks though and won’t let you down, though I’m sure the usual badge snobs might say something different.

I know of a company near me that has ran Ivecos since God was a lad, and nobody got to buy them second hand, as they ran them into the ground from new.

That said, they have just embarked recently on an XFSSC and a Globby, because I believe a fall out with the dealer was the problem.

The new one looks nice, and my gaffer made an enquiry for a demo, but was told he would have to wait until October as there was only 1 in the country!!! Not a good way to sell a product really, as he will have bought a different make by then.

They have good and bad points, like any truck, but at the end of the day, they make the same amount of earnings as a MegaTrotterSpaceCab