Its time..

We have tried to be nice and request you all use this site for what is it is intended, to provide information, education and support to other drivers- it seems some cant get that concept and believe it is a personal battle ground to flex their virtual muscles.

Well no more, we don’t care how many posts you make, if you are unable to follow the rules of this site and use it for the ethos it was built upon your ability to post without being checked will disappear - no warnings, no nice private messages asking you to behave- simply your ability to post freely has gone.

If you want to cry about it Facebook is ~~~~> that way maybe someone there will care

You all had your chance after Xmas to tidy up your act and failed so now we will do it for you.

If you don’t like this then goodbye your probably not the sort of member this website was set up for.

There is an appeal against being put on pre mod - its me… e-mail me if you have been put on pre mod with reasons why you shouldn’t be on the list- but don’t hold your breath because if your on it, your on it for a reason

Any topics that are posted that are simply ■■■■■■■■ will be deleted with out warning… Just because we can… any issues with that e-mail me - but don’t hold your breath because it probably me that deleted it…

Don’t like any of the above? then you have a recourse- e-mail me why not, but you better have a really good persuasive argument

The TruckNet I conceived and built had an ethos to help and support fellow drivers, I alongside the moderators built that into the biggest website for drivers - we even outlasted the USA version.

What I see today isn’t the vision we had.

We all either get back to what this website was built for or we give up.

Given the immature postings and bullying that is now prevalent on TruckNet I don’t see that I can make a case for the continued support of the owners for the whole site- and that’s solely down to the members using the site.

If things don’t improve then maybe we should look at taking the more positive areas of the site and just junking the rest

You got a couple of months to prove me wrong before I recommend some big changes