is this legal???????

my first post so be gentle !!!drive 4hrs20 then jump jockey drives to depot for 40minutes ,tip and reloaded while i have abreak for about 2hours ,then jump jockey drives again for 40mins then i drive again for 4hrs 20.
about 13 hrs spreadover ,5 days aweek ,on saturday 4hrs driving.
following week 5 ,12hr nightshift of which 9is driving.

As far as I understand your work pattern you’re ok.

Your night shifts are also Ok as long as you’ve either opted out of the 10 hr WTD night ruling or, the 3 hours other than driving is made up of no more than 1 hour of other work and the other 2 hours are either break or POA.

No, I don’t think it’s legal (just).

Each of the 5 days of the first week is 8 hrs 40 mins driving.

Totalling that up, it’s 43 hrs 20 mins.

Plus Saturday @ 4 hrs = 47 hrs 20 mins.

Week 2 is 5 x 9 hrs driving = 45 hrs.

That gives you 92 hrs 20 mins driving in two weeks, which is 2 hrs 20 mins over the 90-hr limit.

Mr Fibble, you are quite right :blush: :blush: :blush:

If those driving figures are accurate then I agree with Mr F. You need to get the other guy to do a bit more in the driving seat then you will be OK.

You also say the 5 days are shifts of about 13 hours, you aren’t going over 13 more than 3 times are you? The same with the following week as I would be very surprised if you are doing exactly 9 hours driving every day, I would expect a bit of variance and it can’t be more than 9 on more than 2 occasions and less than 9 would help toward bringing you below the 90 hour maximum for two weeks…

thanks for that ,hope that settles dispute with the TM,no contract ,and never even mentioned WTD,or no opt out !