Is this an infringement

Could someone tell me if this is an infringement on my card, basically I swapped trucks and the tacho on the other truck was a few minutes behind, the symbols are two circles with clock hands,

I’ve blurred out the registration

Would I be in the ■■■■ if I got pulled by vosa ?

don’t think so its just pointing out the difference in clock time I think … Vosa ( who ever ) will see that you changed trucks as the change in reg etc …
Remember just to wait a few min’s next time just to let the clock tick over …

Nope, self-evident from the read out. I’ve had it too…

I’ve got a feeling this is something to do with UTC time overlap. The difference being between the clocks of different tacho heads if you have swapped from one to the other.

The set UTC of the current tacho is behind the previous tacho by the referenced amount (-1 min)

Cheers guys nothing to worry about then

Nothing to worry about. Tachos have to be correct to UTC to 20 mins

Tardis Tacho !

As has been said it’s a time overlap event, the negative sign show that the vehicle UTC time is behind the previous vehicles UTC time.

Nothing to worry about, the UTC time can legally be up-to 20 minutes out.

Our fleet’s tachos have all been synchronised recently; most drivers don’t stick to one vehicle so this has been done to ensure that there’s no potential flag-ups of infringements from a driver seeming to have taken too little rest.

To be more expansive on my earlier reference to tacho tolerance on UTC for clarity as I think it may be slightly misleading as to the meaning of the symbol. The +/-20 min limit does not directly correlate to a time overlap event.

For example, the first tacho is 18 mins slow from true UTC, you remove the card straight away and place in the second tacho which is 19 mins slow by true UTC. The time overlap stamp would show as - 1 yet both heads would only just be in the +/-20 min limit.

The time overlap error just shows you the error between two tacho heads, not their reference to true UTC. That’s a different thing.

Confused muchos :smiley: ?

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