Is this a CPC 1st?

Done something today that hasn’t happened to us before. I trained 6 people yesterday for the Module 4 test. 1 of the guys was due to take his Mod2 test at 8am today.

He passed and called us at 9 to let us know asking when we could arrange a Mod4 test.

I went online and strangely there was a 2.50pm slot available for today. We booked it for him and he came along and passed that with 100%.

Has anyone else passed Mod2 and Mod4 on the same day ?

BTW the other 3 passed as well and the last 2 are testing on Thursday during their Cat C course.

Never heard of a mod 2 and 4 test done by one person on the same day

Not heard of it but I bet he’s pleased! :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t be surprised if it first time ever.


That’s a good one John. You beat me to it so you can have the bonus point!

Well done to both.

Pete :laughing: :laughing: