Is there any decect firms to work for now?

i have a few years experience running gib spain and portugal for eurocold,now stuck on uk tramping for a subbie on stobarts! looking to get back down that way but not sure who is running these routes, any ideas?

That wil be Continental Express… If interested I can give you a name and number.

already tried cont exp, they say i live to far away from them. i only in rugby! not to worry got job with Belkin start in 2 weeks time.

What happened to Eurocold then? I was going to put up a subject about it.
They took the flour job down to Esttapona off Trialout didnt they?

not sure about flour job, we used to do alot of back load work for cpr transport from scotter. mainly spuds from around seville and portugal. eurocold only doing removals now. heard they may put a few wagons back on fridges next year.

darren 129:
… not to worry got job with Belkin start in 2 weeks time.

Nice one, I`ve seen a few of their outfits around, nice looking silver Scanias, i wondered if they went abroad and if so how far?

The only thing that puzzled me was, given the nature and high value of the loads carried, why they would advertise themselves so easily?

How far into Europe will you be going and is the money any good?

Sometimes flash looking trucks sometimes mean a sad looking wage packet!!