Is the theory test passed for C1 valid for C over 2 years?

Probably one for Pete, but since I couldn’t find the answer in Search, I figure this might help others too

If someone has passed their B (Car) licence after year 2000. They gained their C1 (7.5T) in 2011, by taking the Module 1 theory along with a medical and practical etc and ticked the C on their D2 form and so have C provisional.

Is that theory test passed way back in 2011, still valid if they wished to take their C practical training and test tomorrow, or would they need to pass another theory test as it has been longer than 2 years since passing?


LGV theory pass covers all LGV categories - same goes for the D4 medical
No theory needed for C or CE
Needs Mods 2 + 4 if going to drive any LGV commercially - can do that now if needed

Also pretty sure the system wont let you book your practical unless you’ve got the relevent previous theory modules and such like under your belt (in this case done with C1).

So no panic on that front.

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Thanks everyone.

So no need to try and find the pass certificates for the theory from years and years back then ? (Probably long gone/lost in a house move)

The C1 test has been passed, together with the theory test. Taking C is simply an upgrade in the same category and does not require a further theory test. Same principle applies when going from C to CE.

Hope this helps, Pete :laughing: :laughing: