Is it or Isnt it a P O A That is the question

so you’ve been told of a delay, “hey POA”
What’s the delay,how long will it last.
Can you go to a canteen or do you have to remain in the queue of vehicles.
Is it safe to get out and leave site for a walk for half an hour, or is that a break.
Are you on standby or are you on POA.
Is waiting in the depot for load work or POA
Give me a example and ill give you my opinion.
or as no doubt some will say the opinion of a troll.

Use break if you get paid for it and forget POA

There is nothing in the regs stating WHERE the driver must or must not take the POA from my reading of 561/2006

561/2006 was an amendment on responsibility.
It brought the employer to more responsibility when planning.
So if you keep getting infringements the employer also bears some responsibility.
A driver also received a 200 pound fine recently for leaving his tacho on break all the time.
Vosa could not work out his working time.
I believe he explained he didn’t know how to operate the digital tachograph.
You can’t morally record breaks all the time.
It doesn’t specify that because it wasn’t expected that the,driver would drive round having breaks all day.
I don’t mind using poa if it is a poa
Is it wrong to work by the very book that’s gets thrown at you if you ■■■■ it up
Waiting is part of the job.
If the industry can eliminate waiting then do it.
If it can’t then its part of the job
I think the maximum should be 60 hours for day drivers,and more if your a tramper.
Having the tacho default to rest and poa is evasion.
Using poa as legally defined is avoidance which is legal.
Its best for everyone to work legally,and it would improve the job in the long run.
Me personally I don’t have much down time to record poa.
I shouldn’t record breaks and poa if its not the situation.

Any questions on what’s a poa please.

I could not understand the last post :unamused: :confused:

I could not understand the last post :unamused: :confused:

He’s rather obsessed with poa isn’t he.

He has serious issues :smiley:

bald bloke:

I could not understand the last post :unamused: :confused:

He’s rather obsessed isn’t he.

FTFY :stuck_out_tongue:

After reading your posts you seam to of lost the plot you should always make sure you know what you have said

Ross v stobart:
I don’t mind using poa if it is a poa

Ross v stobart:
Any questions on what’s a poa please.

yes it waiting time that you know of in advance

If you are told of this in advance or when you arrive and are told of a delay that can be used as a POA

if you come to work and your truck is not ready and you have being told that can be a POA

Your sitting in a van as a passenger being taken back to work by another driver that’s a POA (subject to you duty time)

there is many ways a POA can be used legally

The problem you have is because one company did it wrong ( an right in a way ) you can not get over it.

You had worked long hours and the company needed you to reduce your hours, there asked you to come to work and sit down for three days on full pay, now as you would have been in anyway working doing driving for those three days, if there did not do there duty and tell you have gone over you RTD working time reference period there would be in trouble for falling to monitor your RTD hours. ( and I know its not policed but your employer did his duty ) look at it this way there could of stood you down for three day and not paid you.

Ross you need to move on with your life because one day you could be driving a truck and so stressed that haven forbid you become one of those statistics. stress it one of the reason people don’t get any sleep.

For the sake of your family move on and if driving is getting you down get a new job and live life better

Thanks for your kind remarks.
I’m not obsessed with poa or breaks, its the industry that’s obsessed with it.
Without poa or loads if breaks being recorded then most likely loads of drivers would exceed the hours.
Most jobs I see all require the,driver to record rest and poa.
There are others who were vocal about it like the,workers in Felixstowe.the previous issue of contravening the working time regulations is subject that,wasn’t properly thought over when it was implemented.
As far,as stress and this subject of a revolving question on periods of availability,I give up I think.
I don’t really know what to do,
Should I as I see it fiddle it and just record breaks all the time.
Or do you not record it.

Your definitions that you included won’t be periods of availability for much longer I think.
Maybe I’m wrong.
I hope there will be some sort of change in the not to distant future.
My jobs is ok, I don’t work,such long hours anymore.
Obviously I have deduced my income but that’s my choice as well as my understanding if how to record work.
I think there,are many differences in our type of work and so it is.