Is it me or what?

Hi all
Just run this through you :

I’m an experienced HGV 1 driver ( 15 yrs + ) & previous to that 10 yr class 3. Worked nights for the past 13 yrs and had enough after Easter so gave a good, well paid permanent night job up to drive a van on days for a tool hire company…normal hours, great family life …rubbish wages!

To try to stop the shortfall decided to do agency work at weekends …tried is the word!

Contacted various of the adverts, always wanting drivers for weekend work etc …yeah right! Sent my CV to many via email at their request …promised this, promised that but nothing! I have a clean licence, advanced driver qualifications, excellent past work records but still nowt.

Contacted a group called GI group …given a phone number for Simon. Rang his number and Rachel answered …what a dopey cow! Couldn’t understand half of what I was asking, promised Simon would phone back …nothing! Left it 24hrs gave ‘Simon’ a ring again and guess who answered …yep Rachel. Explained re yesterday and my call …she couldn’t remember and didn’t understand my asking yet again …said she would pass on my details…sounded like some dumb 18 yr old who just hasn’t got a bloody clue!

Are all agencies run by incompetent idiots under 25 yrs of age …I’m not an arrogant sole, just annoyed I’m willing to work …the agencies keep saying they want drivers but there is never any call back / follow up etc etc!

Am I dreaming or is the industry completely on its arse!

I dont think its on its arse, but certainly filled with idiots, who seem to know F/A about transport, thats why we talk about the good old days, when those in the office knew what you were on about, and the guvnor had been there and done it himself. I too will be looking for some agency work at the end of this month, and i`ve never worked for one in my life, but from what i read, its not looking too clever. Good luck to you in your quest.

Most are incompetent. Poor communication, don’t know the customer requirements, don’t know their drivers, don’t know the difference between available and on standby.
one agency is about to change though. The guy in charge has a good right hand man :sunglasses:

Am I dreaming or is the industry completely on its arse!

No you’re not dreaming & yes the job has gone to ■■■■…! Might I suggest approaching companies direct & offering your services instead of messing around with agencies & getting your blood pressure sky high…!?
Have a nice day:):):slight_smile:

Trouble with only wanting the weekend work is that agency’s regular drivers will get the first offer and sensibly will make premium pay hay whilst the sun shines.

Should get a bit worse when Bulgaria/Romania gain full free travel access come January, can’t wait.

edit…just as some transport companies get the cheapest licence holders they can find, the same applies to agency staff, if you pay peanuts…

you don’t say where about you are based, I worked for a decent agency, the pay wasn’t amazing but they ALWAYS delivered on their promises, which is why if I ever need to do agency work again they will be the first one’s I call

Hi Gixermark, can’t help but feel like this is a thread I should be involved in, being an incompetent idiot 4 months short of 25. :wink:

Your best opportunity for weekend work is to find the agencies that are genuinely supplying the bulk of your bigger operators drivers. Typically supermarkets, bakeries, chilled and similar distributors will be the busiest on weekends - supermarket subbies are generally a good shout too. Absolutely no harm in ringing a transport office and asking them if they use casual staffing for weekends only, or who their preferred agency supplier is - although stress that you are a driver looking for work as opposed to an alternative incompetent idiot trying to identify his competitors.

With regards to GI Group, I can only assume on what’s provided that Rachel isn’t anything to do with their driving division. Most high street agencies and such serve several divisions and yes, there will always be that office junior that can’t take messages let alone much else. In her defence - perhaps its her first job, or she’s new and racked with nerves? The better option would’ve been to have saved your time and left a message for Simon to call you back - find a best time to call him and work from there. As soon as you start discussing jobs with an unrelated consultant / admin member that doesn’t have a clue what you’re on about - you’re heading down a pretty negative route. First impressions are lasting afterall.

As a side note, you’re probably better off going with a smaller ‘local’ agency than you are the huge players with regards to weekends only.

Hope this helps and good luck.