Is Agency work dead?

Anyone find that agency work in the north of england is drying up lately?

just a bit of a lull mate dnt worry

just ticking over at the moment get yourself on with 2 or 3 agencies

and just keep them informed

ie give them a tinkle if you are available it’s in their interests aswell as yours to get you out working :wink:

im registered with 6 agencies. only have regular work off 1 of those. the others all seem to be the odd day here or there.

Im glad i found this agency thats giving me regular work at the same place each week. also the possibility of it becoming a permanent employment so cant grumble.

All i can suggest is get your name down on as many agencies books as you can. you can always turn work down if your already booked out. its not so easy to go looking for work on a quiet day .

It’s quiet in July? :open_mouth:

I’d be looking for something full time then…good luck!

It’s very quiet here at the mo, I usually work for Somerfield but have had nothing from them this week, the agency has been scratching round for work and have had me at DHL, shunting for a couple of days

There are too many agencies around, there is a job quite close to me that is constantly being advertised, by all the Toms, Dicks and Harry agencies, the job is a crap one and the reason there isn’t any interest is that the job is pants and the wages are like a thong.