Irvine - The best route please

I’ll be heading west of Irvine on Sunday, and would appreciate some input please.
What’s going to be my best bet, The A75 and A76 from Gretna via Dumfries, or the A71 below Larkhall through Strathaven?

Running at 13’3" high, but not very heavy.

Oh yea, and parking around Beattock, preferably free.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

A71 thru Strathaven I’d say. Only one bridge (just before Kilmarnock) but it’s 15 foot odd.

Yeah def the A71, be easier.

parking about Beattock the old A74 plenty of quiet layby’s.

Its give or take on either route, not much in it at all, same on the way back down. Are you looking at parking up on the way back down? If so, I couldnt reccommend ECCLECFECHAN truck stop enough. Safe overnight parking for £5, great food in the hut and the shower facilities are A1 as there only a year or so built. Its a TRUCK ONLY stopso no cars, big bit to park and burl about, cant complain. Again to get to this is either back along the A71 then its Junc 19 on the A74 or if your coming down the A76 then onto the A75 for the M74 you will see signs for LOCKERBIE and just take that at teh roundbaout and that will head you for the stop also. Theres a bridge on the A71 but its 15ft 3" so you have no worries. Either way there both good sets of roads, couple of bad corners on the A71 but nothing drastic.

Id go the A71 as well,
just watch out for the nasty bends by Drumclog and the locals who use the road as their own race track round there

Thanks very much, all of you.
Looking like the A71 methinks.

Strathaven is the relaxed route Kate and less stress from tourists

If you do go A75, DONT be tempted to charge on as their is a traffic car works this road almost permanently! be warned