iPhone dash cam app?

As above, can anyone recommend one? I’d need to mount my phone on my (car) dash somehow looking forward.

You can get one called witness but it drains the battery quicker than you can charge it. Very good quality recordings plus map and gps info is all recorded.
It will stop recording should your phone start ringing or performing other functions.
I don’t know about other apps as I’ve not tried them

I’ve got Black Box on my Iphone (think I got it free, last year) records in loops & it also uses a lot of power, so you need to keep it on charge whilst using it, & it stops you ‘Playing’ with your phone when you are driving !

Try Auto Boy Blackbox.

To be honest I wouldn’t use a smart phone. You can get a £20 ebay gadget camera that records in loops onto an SD card and you just pull the card if you need to keep anything.