Six(?) months ago I posted a request for investment suggestions in the transport sector. Stobs were 93p.I see that they have risen 23%. Is there a reason for this?

lots of people are buying shares in stobart.

Nope, when the market rises as a whole, a certain amount of inflowing cash goes into anything and everything. If you saw a big drop in the FTSE next week, Stobarts would likely give back that gain in a day.

When a share price rises in an otherwise bear market for everything else, THEN you can say “It’s risen because the company is seen as a good investment”.

Even Tescos has had a good run of late, despite the bad publicity of a couple of weeks back.

Compare Tesco’s chart to Stobarts, and you wouldn’t think that Tesco had been in trouble more than once recently. The share price is still in an uptrend, with a correction on that last bit to boot.
Stobarts chart on the other hand, is a sideways pattern at best. :wink: