inverter help

Hi guys looking for some help here with colder weather coming im thinking of getting an electric kettle instead of using my stove . My mate has a 24v one with plug cut of and wired to fusebox but not sure if that any good . Was thinking of getting a bigger inverter to power a kettle or a low wattage kettle . So was wondering what size inverter would be best and would it be wired to fusebox or batteries any help greatly appreciated .

Don’t power a kettle from an inverter. You’d need a huge, expensive, inverter. Even a low-powered 240 V kettle will consume at least 1 kW which is 41.6 A at 24 V. You’re much better off using a 24 V kettle, or if you really need speed, a gas hob.

Use your stove.

I run a 900w ktl through a 2000w inverter. Boss installed it through fuse box I think. Has a 50a fuse in the slot in the fuse box. It also does my toaster and microwave as well (just not any of them at the same time :blush: ). I run the engine to be on the safe side.