Intro + drag question

Hi chaps,

I’ve been driving for about 2 years, mainly Cat C with occasional C+E.

I’m not the greatest at reversing the artics but am reasonably confident and always get there in the end.

I’ve packed in my full time job (crap company) and have just accepted a 6 week contract through an agency. Although they are aware that I have never driven drag, they say they are happy for me to start the contract from 2nd June.

I’ll obviously have to be shown how to hitch up by the employer, but I would appreciate any specific advice regarding driving drag and any safety issues that differ from general C+E work.

Boring topic, sorry - but it’s got me pretty nervous considering I’ve never driven or been trained to pull drag. For what I’ve been told at least, it’s an 18 tonner with trailer.


A frame or close coupled (caravan) ■■?

they follow differently than an artic trailer , and will probably be longer !! close coupled is similar an artic to reverse - A frames are completely different !

If they’re going to show you how to hitch up ask them any questions you can think of while they’re doing it :wink:

Good Luck

I’ll obviously have to be shown how to hitch up by the employer

you may find yourself turning up on a cold morning, only to be given the keys and paperwork by the guy in security …and off you go…no demo, or being shown how to do it.

welcome to the world of the agy driver

Btw, welcome to TN
I`ll have a litre of voddie, 2ltrs of diet pepsi, a couple of lemons, and a bucket of ice… Ta

Intro + drag question

■■■■, i though there was another cross dresser joining the forum :unamused:

For close cpled trailers the trick when cpling is to have left the trailer in a good place.before taking it off. Make sure you have enough room to reverse back to the tailer when cpling because you will need to be completely inline to have a chance to catch the trailer eye in the cpling.
Dont change the suspension, just wind down the leg at the front, and if its going to be loaded/unloaded the leg(s) at the rear (to stop it tipping up), take off the suzies from thetruck end (opposite to artic) apply brake and then push up the lever on the cpling. Drive away.
When recpling get the wagon dead in line with the trailer and reverse back. I usually go back a bit and then get out and have a look, check you are in line and the eye is heading for the cpling on the same level. You can adjust suspension on wagon if needed. Reverse back slowly. It should catch and cause the lever and pin to drop so connecting. (I usally jack up the wagon suspension to give me more room to put the suzies on etc.)
If it doesnt you will need a bar to lever the pin to make it drop and lock. Some have saftey clips but all the ones I’ve driven dont.

Driving, well going forwardthey more`or less follow with a bit more cut in from the drag, but you are usually about a cab’s length longer than an artic which can be a pain in truckstops cos you’ll be too long for the bay.

Depending on the wheelbase of the wagon turning around needs a space the size of Yorkshire, though you can put a shunt in.
Going backwards can be tricky, one spot I go to, u have to reverse around a building,the trailer starts to turn very quickly and I cant see the rear cos its around the corner!


if your gonna drive in drag, blow us a kiss as i overtake ya…

Not a dull topic at all. I am considering poking-off to New Zealand where wagon/drag combos appear to outnumber unit/trailers.

I’ve been thinking of first taking a lesson with a school here in order to get it right ie, avoid adding the southern hemisphere to my index of mild calamities ; )

Please keep the top-tips coming, guys…

Thanks for the info everyone.

Taking a Parceline lorry to Bristol then Birmingham tonight out of Sowton in Exeter. Cannot stand the Actros gears but I’m sure I’ll survive.

Take care,