Interview at breaks

i just passed my class 2 3 weeks ago and went door knocking handing my cv out to local firms (north east),today i got a call off a firm called breaks offering me a interview tomorrow,im just wanting to know if anyone has worked for these before and what are they like,cheers

I assume it was Brakes (i.e. Brake Brothers), not Breaks? If so, I think they are much the same as other food/catering delivery companies - i.e. lots of handballing etc, steep learning curve regarding the drops too (i.e. a bit of a nightmare first time around, but easy enough (apart from the handballing etc) on second and subsequent visits).

just checked raymondo and yes its brakes mate,a dont mind a bit hard graft so handballing wont be a problem,am just looking for that “break”(mind the pun)that newbies need,cheers raymondo

All the best for tomoz Bob :smiley:

cheers paul

Sounds good to get on the ladder and get some driving experience, but remember this job isn’t just about getting out in a truck, theres is a lot of hand balling…

I went for a job years ago at one of them companies due to the fact the salary seemed very attractive, until you delve a little deeper… :open_mouth:
Times are all calculated from the moment you leave the depot to each drop and time at each location.
Firstly you cant ways park out side at each drop ( Bum ) :imp: then you got some arse whole traffic warden that don’t like where you’ve park… then you got to move everything from that’s been on a pallet to a sack truck ( which you might have to supply ) if things are in roll cages then its a sort of a bonus but these things don’t always do what it says on the tin…years of part time work at a large supermarket taught me wheels don’t always go round and round…
Then once your in door at the shop / or location its not just a case of bump it and go… oh no these food suppliers expect you to keep the customers HAPPY … even if it means talking everything from one end of the property to the other, up stairs , down into the cellar…virtually putting the stuff away… Oh but then there’s the case if something is missed… isn’t your fault but its certainly made to feel that way by the customer… then you jump back in ya cab half knacked before doing it many more times over in a day…

But if that’s how you want to get some experience and you don’t have a back problem and are physically fit… try it out for a couple of weeks or months, if its not for you then at least you got some experience…

PS During the interview find out what there stance is about parking tickets…don’t wanna be getting one of them every day and working for free…

thanks for the heads up swampy,just had the interview and a think it went well ,the fella said he be in touch soon,fingers crossed

Hiya did 3 years at brakes Tamworth 30+ drops a day 1 thing to remember is always wear gloves as its -35 in the freezer part of the truck if no gloves and your hands are wet if its raining you lean on the metal cage to reach a box (which in a cage of over 100 boxes and you need just the 1 takes some finding) your hand can stick to the cage if u try to pull it off leaves a bit of skin behind hurts like buggery.
Get a regular round and in time can work out what times best to do each one ( food drink fanny spotting) lol.


As it was put to me a few years ago when I went for an interview at 3663:

“It’s not so much a driving job, more a labouring job where you also drive the truck…”

I didn’t get it.