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my wife has a friend based down in wales and her husband is being a bit of a pratt,he thinks she is on the net far to much. the woman has got hardly any friends in her area but has quite a few on the bon jovi far as i’m concerned she ain’t doing anyone any’s not as if she is out drinking and having affairs. but her tight husband is going to get the phone put onto incoming calls question is this. do you need the phone on both incoming and outgoing calls to get connected to the internet,or can you get connected even though it’s on incoming calls :question: your replies would be most helpful :wink:

if its a dial up…yes you need outgoing calls!
if its cable then no phone is required

the question she should be asking is where’s the nearest divorce solicitors! :open_mouth:

Doesn’t she know what a frying pan is for?..back of his head looks like a tempting target :laughing: :laughing:


Her husband is an (zb)and she shoudn’t waste her life with someone like that.
Tell her to get a separate phone in her name but not allow him to make any outgoing calls :exclamation:

language edit if it needs stars it’s not allowed :wink: mrs mix

CONTROL FREAK… :open_mouth: . run away quickly gal :exclamation:

He’s a bit more than a control freak Jonboy. This individual is heading iinto dangerous territory if this level of control being seen as acceptable.

If he takes away the only communication she has with the friends she’s got, how long before she’s out looking for them somewhere else? Seclusion is hard to live with, and internet friends are harmless and can be great cure for that. This guy needs a reality check before she gets one first. Tell her to invest a little extra cash in broadband.

its not broadband she needs …but a new life and a new husband by the sounds of it!!! if he is so concerned about her being on the net , perhaps he has been doing things on the net he don’t want her to find out about■■?

Its time your friend found a good lawyer, I bet that husband is like Jim Royale, picks the t.v zapper up on his way to his chair, hangs on to it till lights out time what a control freak he sounds. I had one like him years ago, soon got my life back and never regretted it.

Go For It Girl and carry on making friends

I think you can still get outgoing calls to o8oo numbers on an incoming only phone so maybe she could try some of the 5.99 a month free ones or i think there are some totally free servers on 0800 numbers but they are full of adverts.

Try this

A solicitor would probably class this as “Unreasonable Behaviour” and grounds for divorce.

maybe that’s what he wants!