Hi Guys/Gals,

I’m having major problems getting any company to give me an insurance quote. I work for my dad (a small civil engineering company) and recently gained my Class 2 on the young drivers scheme, but no insurance company seems willing to give us a quote for me to be a named driver on the policy, which at the moment states any driver over the age of 25 and i am only 19. Does anyone know of any insurance company that would be able to help us out? Any other young drivers out there that have had this problem?

Thanks. :smiley:

No how you feel.tried to get my boy insured at 21 so we could double man(artic) they all said no till he’s 25.only one company willing but it would have cost an extra £8k putting my insurance upto over£12k per year extra and exess went from £250 to £3k.Also agencys wont want to know you till 25 and had at least 2 years driving record.If you must for you dad your stuck at the moment but some larger transport companies might be willing to take you on.It’s catch 22 you got the licence but cant use it thats why transport in this country’s gone to the dogs.Good luck you have to just keep trying.

Try John Peers Insurance at Wrexham on 01978 314555. He’s very good.