Innovate logistics...?

Evening all , just pondering over an add in my local rag…■■
innovate are recruiting drivers …? at j29 chesterfield and the old phil hanleys place… anyone in the no (Ie pay ect ect)…■■ or any tales to tell …■■
thanking you in advance…?

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I see the revolving door there hasnt stopped turning then. ive done a few agy shifts in there the last few months, its a place i prefer to avoid going into if possible

ive had a lot worse jobs,give it a try

i thought you were corby ady

the advert was in he notts eve post last week there was 14 vacancies at bilsthorpe , only 3 applied and all were interviewed , 2 had just passed there artic test , only one was suitatable , when he asked bout wages he said no ta

when i started with phil hanleys in 2004 it was spot on ,

now bilsthorpe depot looks like a ghost town , the good traffic staff got finished and left the muppets , i was going to rdcs , ave 45 - 50 hours a week
now there at you for using to much fuel, speeding , late for drops , trying to get you to do 15hrd duty after waiting in the yard for two hours . not doing this and that

the average day is 13 min . last week i had done 73 hours , iam only a day driver
and since the change over the last two years we have only had one 1/2% wage increase this year told we were not doing enough work to warent it , err i am doing at least 20 hours a week more

i just lost interest in the job coz of the muppets that run it and the fact that i want a life

but as long as ozzy as got the pennies so he can pretend hes a race car driver he isnt bothered

so iam off , to somewhere where iam told that is better , and for 3 1/2 k more ,
now what would you choose

one of the conditions for work there is you need 2 years exp and have the drive assesment ,

if you need a job go for it , its not hard work , just long hours and lots of reduced rests and 15 hour days

i thought you were corby ady

i think to be honest h.babe corby is just a name now, were basically innovate in all but name. 99% of the time im pulling innovate tri,s and i may be wrong as i havent been there long but i did here all new trucks and trailers will be in innovate colours.

if you need a job go for it , its not hard work , just long hours and lots of reduced rests and 15 hour days

reading this bit h.babe makes me think theres a fair bit of difference between the different depots i.e innovate/corby as its very rare i do a reduced rest, 99% of the time its min 11 hrs, i did 43 hrs last week , most of that was multi droping that grampian stuff so soon as your done [ pick up sometimes] your finished as they want the trucks back for night shift.
i do have the odd bad day but i have a lot more good days than bad and as im now getting to know the drops for the multi drops its getting easier and quicker.

Oh dear
I’ve got to go there in the morning…
Last time I went, got a crappy old Scania from somewhere else. Got a crap run all over North Wales then to an Ice Cream factory in Liverpool. Had to wait for 3 hours for a grumpy scouser to load me. Overheating all the way back over the M62, clutch slipping tacho didn’t work and they wanted me to ring them on my mobile when I’d finished my drops!
I’m doing it tomorrow cos’ agency can’t get anyone else to. Yes I’m a sucker.
If I get the same it’ll be my last trip.
And their trailers look so impressive don’t they!

theres now nearly 06 and 07 trucks at chesterfield