Initial cpc

Now as far as I can see with me having C1 on my licence as I passed my car test back in 1988 I only need to do parts 1 & 3 which are the standard tests anyway but does that then give me five years before I need to do all the cpc again or do I only have until the date for every existing driver.
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You have until 2014 to complete 35 hours.

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Cheers for that Dean and as I’ve been told in a pm C1 is a LGV licence so have grandfather rights,that one statement made it a whole lot clearer.

C1 is only upto 7.5t so not really LGV as you still have to take medical pass that then apply for Cat C also you will have to do the theory & HPT then Cat C then when passed you can go onto CE

Just received this

C1 is LGV

There are two sorts of drivers with C1s

Those who got it free pre 1997 with car licence and those who passed a C1 DSA test after 1997

The reason that MOST (not all) going for C have to do the medical/theory etc is that it will be their first DSA LGV test
Those who passed the C1 DSA LGV test will have done their medical/theory to pass that test so will not need to do it again for C

Confusing a little isn’t it

It will be after the next episode of S.O.A.P

Yeah and I thought I was confused dot com but I got my C1 with my car licence as I passed it way back in 1988 so I get the rights with that.
Saves me a few quid now but will still have to do it over the next couple of years watch the bloody prices go up as the time gets close for everyone.