initial cpc mod 2

have just sat and passed my initial cpc module 2 test, how the dsa can demand money for being asked questions which are a mix of plain common sense and questions already asked in the written theory test is beyond me, now ive got to do the module 4 part of the initial cpc and hopefully having passed that i can start earning some money…

Well done tel666 for passing your mod 2, when do you hope to take mod 4? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

am booked in on wednesday, roadtrain in purfleet where i did my driver training

I had my cpc training there, it will be with Mark. He is very thorough and will make it impossible for you to fail. Good luck to you

i did my training with mark, martin did the cpc mod 4, also very good.

Nice one!

The Driver CPC Module 2 is a bit of a joke to be quite frank. No wonder the DSA did not publish any training material for this one (except the Driver CPC book, which is about as useful as a chocalate tea pot!)

Ur in good hands with Roadwise and module 4 should be quite straigh forward.

Good luck!



Ha ha!!! Hear that Roadtrain are quite good as well!! :laughing: :laughing:

I thought Mark was the only one that done it my bad, Martin is a sound guy, spoke to him a few times when I was down there. I take it you passed then? what score did you get?

think it was 85%, not too sure, was just hearing the word passed, having spoken to the examiner he reckons around 90% pass and the rest turn up scratching their backsides.