Infringment reports

hi guys
im hoping someone can answer this as it has me baffled …the company i work for and have done for numerous years have not issued any infringement reports for at least 2 years .
now we have quite a large fleet and plenty of drivers so i cant imagine none of us have no infringments at all.
The latest “gossip” is that it has been stated they have “opted out” of issuing the reports as it isnt a legal requirement??
Every compeny i have worked for since passing my test 30 yrs ago have done some sort of tacho report be it for the old paper frisbees or the digi cards…
to say im baffled and unsure is an understatement lol
so can anyone shed light on this or is the “gossip” just that and there not doing it correctly??

cheers guys

Sounds like they’re not doing it correctly as i believe if you have an infringement the company are obliged to make you aware if your error and also give you extra training if needed.

I don’t think written infringement notices are a legal requirement, but as said above the company is required to explain to the driver what he/she has done wrong, infringement notices are a convenient way for the company to be able to show [the DVSA] that they’ve complied with this requirement.

Edit: Sorry, I’ve just noticed that this is an oldish thread.

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