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I could do with your help on a little project I am looking at :exclamation:

If I was to “advise” someone, who wants to set up as an Class 1 artic owner Driver in UK.
What do I need to tell him :question:
ie legal requirements, cost involved other than vehicle, certificates required, Rules and Regs.
Are there any links with information etc
I know nothing on the owner driver side of things and any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance :laughing: :laughing:

an artic unit and a lot of money you not right bothered about! :slight_smile:

no seriously first and foremost you need an operating center that has be approved by the ministry as suitable, not hard to find as most haulage firms and comercial garages will take in o/d’s at a price, you then need to apply for an o’license for a unit and trailer part of which is, you or someone acting on your behalf has to hold a CPC again there are plenty who will provide this at a price, you also have to show you are financially capable of operating the business by showing x amount of funds available, think it’s now something like £6,200 for unit n trailer but may be wrong. once you’ve submitted your application you can also apply for an interim license which takes around three weeks to sort out and allows you to get going, thats the easy bit, the tricky bit is you then have to find some work you can actually earn something out of!

hope this helps

:slight_smile: Barrie,
Look through this thread from a couple of weeks ago:

I can recommend the website that I mentioned on my contribution in that thread :

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Thanks lads the links are handy :slight_smile:

The Questions are based on :arrow_right:
If a “Car” driver said to me what does it cost to become an “Owner Driver”
Without being personel,
What would you estimate the overall cost :question:
Would you buy a vehicle new or second hand :question:
Do you get much say in the rate charged, or have to take what is given :question:
How long before a profit can be seen :question:
Would a 48 hour week allow any profit :question:
What hours do you need to do to make a living :question:
The Q are aimed generally to get some idea into becoming a O/D What sort of cost do we forget about when looking into it etc
Bits of information can be found around, but it is far better coming from the horses mouth, you know the true in’s and out’s of such a move.
Just imagine someone asking you “How” do I do it. (I realise “Your Mad” would be most answers to it)
Anything to do with O/D would be useful.

Thanks again

pm sent , hope it help’s