INFO: Innovate Logistics

Just out of noseyness I got chatting to Sheila who’s a new Innovate Logistics driver, over at Tesco’s Donny on Thursday.

She’s on days and reckons the company is pretty good to work for. Based at Chesterfield with 04 reg FH12 460 XL’s, choice of night, day, tramping work etc. She’s on £6.50/hr with a £1/hr bonus for days for up to 53.25hrs then £9 summat after that. Obviously more for nights.

They’re after drivers she reckons too. Just noticed a story on them in latest “Trucking” mag if you wanna know more.

So there you go :slight_smile:

Funny you should say that, ive noticed there motors running about up north, all look very nice to :wink:

they have also got a depot at jcn 27 annesley woodhouse off the m1. i think pete osbourne is the man behind the company.

innovate main man pete osbourne over 70 trucks and 110 trailers mixed tga xxl and globetrotterxl depots at aston,scunthorpe,sherwood park and 2 in chesterfield :laughing:

Rob ,there’s are feature on them in this months Trucking mag.

Rob ,there’s are feature on them in this months Trucking mag.

Did you not read my original post :question: :confused:

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Eh yes kind of… :blush: :blush:


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Will he keep the company afloat though. How often do you see a haulier jump in feet first with 70 trucks. Ok Pete might have experience but that is a big undertaking. Most firms gradually build up their fleet and get work to go with it. I believe Pete had never run a company that size. Just how logn before it goes under, If at all it does?