Induction Friday :D

Well passed my class 1 last Thursday had an interview and assessment drive today just had a phonecall got my induction this Friday :smiley:. Happy isn’t the word must say I’ve found it alot easier finding someone to set a class 1 noob on compared to a class 2. Found several companies that will set me on but they aren’t advertising. So it does pay to visit companies as people say.

Congrats on getting the job m8 :slight_smile:

Agree its a much better idea to go in to yards and ask the question, that’s what I done and they were not advertising any jobs. The first place I went into gave me an interview 2 hours after passing my test and asked me to come back on Monday for an assessment drive. I ended up picking up a load when out and bringing it back to there depot and they offered me a job there and then.

Congrats on the job mate