Inbox emails

How do I STOP all these bloody posts appearing in my email inbox!!!

When logging on use your username instead of email address, it works for me.

After the first time it does work fine, but not so sure it would otherwise.

Note that Diesel Dave pointed out that some names havent been transferred exactly, so note any lowercase rather than capital letters used. Apparently you can modify your user name back again, but I havent succeeded so far. not losing any sleep over it TBF.

Edit stupid apostrophes!

When I go to login this what comes up, it’s my old login with my old password, all I do is overwrite password with new one and if I want emails I change oiltreader to email address.

Do you have to login each time you come here then Oily? I don’t, I get straight in, after the first time that is.

Click on your avatar/head and shoulders (bottom right of pop up) /preferences/emails toggle to whatever you want :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, didn’t understand a word of that. :slightly_frowning_face:
Bottom right of what popup? My avatar, which I don’t have yet, is top left and only tells me when I last posted.

And what has that got to do with my getting straight into the forum when I click on the TN link in my bookmarks?

Tap on green S top right of screen to get the menu Driveress was talking about. Not the one top left of your post.
99% sure that is the same on both formats.

Is that the one for me to change my profile? Apart from that it is just a list of alerts to answered posts etc…

And in any case that would not affect whether I had to log on or not, because I would already be here. Unless of course it is to make a change to need to log on? Is that it?

Can’t think why I would want to do that in my busy day though. :rofl:

So much to do…me too. :grinning:

You`re on a desktop computor?
When you turn it on you open your browser, then click on the saved bookmarks to get to this site?
If you have saved the log in page then it will always ask you to log. If you have saved the home page then you will already be logged in…at least it seems to work that way for me.

I’m guessing you don’t ever log out spardo.

I’m guessing that you are both right. Is there an advantage to logging out then?

I do not know of any reason to actually log out of a site such as this one?

I don`t leave my computer in easy reach of Nigerian Princes in need of a loan until their inheritance comes along.

Ha ha, yes and there is nothing on my computer for any length of time that I would be keen for some bad person not to get hold of. All of my financial affairs are on 2 external drives, disconnected when I am not using them, and both are saved yet again to a third drive once a month.

So I think I will continue with my rapid access to this and other sites. :smiley:

Keep up keep up :grinning:
OK…if you want to stop emails
Click on the green S (your avatar, your temporary profile pic until you change it to a profile pic of your choice) at the top right of the whole page
A list of images will pop up
Choose the bottom one which looks like a head and shoulders
In the next pop up, choose preferences
Then choose emails
From there you can choose how to receive emails from TN
For example I only have it set to always email me when I get a private message
The others I have set to never

Keep up with what? Who said anything about wanting to stop emails? Certainly not me.
We were talking about logging in each time or not logging in and what were the advantages.
I think you are confusing me with someone else. :wink:

Perhaps @big_truck :smiley:

I was replying to the op in my original post, but fair enough, I didn’t make that clear by replying directly to the op’s post, I just tagged it on the end of the thread. I’ll shut up now :smile:

That’s ok, I just had a quick look at the top and realise where the mistake came from.
No need to shut up. :wink:

I never log out, Spardo. My device has my username and password saved, in case I become logged out.