In cab dashcam

Hi all
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with in cab dash cams, specifically the Samsura system. Our company is installing them for insurance purposes but has stated the cameras will monitor drivers behaviour using AI technology. Would be grateful for any advice.

I haven`t heard of that particular brand. A quick look found this on their site.

Maybe this is what they are proposing?

Personally I am not too bothered about dash cams, so long as there is proper control of their use by management. Examination of possible bad behaviour isn’t IMHO the same as covert spying.
A form of AI to try to detect inattention that firstly warns the driver? Then reports to the office if repeated? So the office can check if the driver is all OK or a liability? That sounds OK to me.
Someone paid to randomly look at drivers? No, I don`t like that so much.

Like all tools it depends exactly how it is used. That is down to your own company and agreements they have with the workforce/union.

I don’t like the idea of being monitored by a camera when I’m at work any more than anyone else does.

However, there are only two options: (i) Stay and accept “company policy” or (ii) object and look for another job. Harsh, but true nonetheless.

A bad implementation of AI use if you ask me for this type of industry. I mean picking up on every little thing you do while driving like yawning or monitoring your eyes etc and reminding you by alerts and then sending footage automatically if you don’t comply with the requirements.

In an industry where people are overworked over long hours and are not going to be a full attention all the time, it’s time for changes To the job big style for companies that bring in this kind of stuff. Or just don’t work for them.

Look at any AI powered dash cam site and read the blurb.

Enhancing driver safety in real-time, Howen AI Dash Cams offer optional in-cab coaching to address high-risk situations like yawning, smoking, distractions, phone calls, prolonged eye closure, and more. This feature helps drivers cultivate safe driving habits and promotes overall road safety.

Prevent incidents before they happen with in-cab alerts

Boost driver safety in real-time through optional in-cab coaching in high risk situations such as tailgating, no seatbelt, and more, helping drivers practice safe driving habits.

Our dash cams use machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) technology to accurately detect the risky and distracted driving behaviors that make the greatest impact on our roads today. Our DriveCam Event Recorders provide audio and visual alerts to help deter risky driving habits in the moment by prompting drivers to immediately correct risky behaviors, including cell phone use, general inattentiveness, eating or drinking, smoking, seat belt use, speeding, failure to stop at intersections, lane departure, and following distances. Get maximum, sustained results with minimal managerial time and effort.

So yeah how can it possibly go wrong. Ai can never be wrong.

Made my position crystal on these ■■■■ things many times in the past, so nuff said already I reck.

Just got to say though, why does it not surprise me that my old mate Frangers says he does not mind them, and that he actually believes the official positive spin dog sh,.and that he is now repeating it.
Good luck in your percieved intention to become a mod btw…looking forward to me facing premod banishment sometime in the near future.
(I would put a rolling eyes and lol emoji up if I knew how tf to do it on this new effin forum)

So pleased to see that you have been following my posts so closely… :grinning:

But as I said…as you would have seen if you got past the first two lines…I don’t think I would be asked to bear the heavy responsibility of being a mod.

And what I ACTUALLY tried to say was that cameras are tools that can be used well or badly…

But sinc…nah…lost you lines and lines ago…


C’mon man…let it go… dont fight it, you know you want to.
I bet you were a monitor at school…or a prefect !

As for cameras the fact that as a driver you are even prepared to even consider the management’s pov …and go on to repeat, (with added caviat or not) is bad enough.

I have you down (rightly or wrongly) as a ‘proper’ old school good professional driver (Jeez H, I’ve actually just complimented him I must be slippin) the fact that you even consider their b/s as the true agenda is quite enough imo.
I too consider myself in the same category being the modest soul I am, and I find them a gross insult to my professionalism…aka self pride.

Well, we have been here before, but,

I don’t much like the idea that someone is looking over my shoulder all the time. However these cameras are not being monitored 24/7 by a team of office wallahs desperately trying to catch me out. I really ain’t that important to them!

If I make a mistake and look away from the road too long?
I am not such a snowflake that I melt at the sound of a buzzer! If I feel I am doin’ nowt wrong then in the event I get called to explain myself, I will.

Could these cameras be used badly?
Of course they could. Motor vehicles can be getaway cars for crooks, or Ambulances.

Am I

Yeah. Darn right I will. I do not have a closed mind.

You miss the point…I dont give a flying ■■■■ that they dont watch you 24/7 or whether or not someone is employed to do so…the fact that they CAN is enough for me.

If I as you say ‘look away from the road too long’ and ■■■■ up, I dont want nor need some child in an office teling me, nor do I consider myself a ‘snowflake’, drama queen, or anything else if I take offence at the notion…
But hey!.. there lies one of the (many) differences between you and me eh?

The fact you use a variation of the old ‘If you are doing nothing wrong’ chestnut just says it all really, no further questions m’lud.

I too do not have a closed mind, but maybe except for a couple of things such as considering taking up homosexuality, becoming a train spotter,… or in cab random surveillance cameras.

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I said that cameras can be used well or badly. If they aren’t used for continuous observation, and are only used when incidents are flagged up, then I would think that is OK.

You seem to be arguing that if they can be used badly then they shouldn’t be used at all?
A car can be used as a weapon to knock someone down, so should all cars be banned?

If someone looks away from the road for too long then they do need a wakeup!
If you are so perfect that you never need a hint to improve your driving then great. But I don`t believe you. No-one is that good.
Whether it an automated buzzer, a child in an office, or whatever giving a helpful wake-up nudge, then I really do not care.

I can accept I am not perfect and am willing to take help and constructive criticism when it is due.
If I am criticised for something that is not a fault, I will argue that point. If the criticism is justified I will try to accept it wherever it comes from.

So, what is wrong with a variation of that argument?
What counter argument are you making? None.
You are just telling us how your feelings are likely to be hurt if someone younger than you can see a fault in your driving.

Interpret it or me as you please, I dont care, but if it makes you feel better about your self and your usual conformist attitude to everything, so be it.

here is the thing. if you truly want to improve safety and fuel economy you have the microlise that monitors how the person is driving. (yes i know there are issues with that) The SINGLE reason for having a camera in the cab and i don’t care if its monitored 24/7 or infrequently with a set of rules to govern its usage is to spy on the driver end of. If they don’t trust the person to drive their trucks properly then don’t employ them.

Edited to add… If cameras are so good and don’t matter if your not doing anything wrong then lets put them in pub and club toilets make sure no one is doing drugs or whatever. Or even more relevant to today’s world lets have cameras that take pictures of cars that haven’t paid to enter a city that should work no one would object to that!!

RobRoy and Franglais going ding-dong for three rounds.
Dare I say the new forum has cut it’s first tooth and is squaring up for a comeback tour?

All I need to see now is a couple more Winseer-madness posts and, of course, the Return of The Sploom (I want to be saaaaaaved! I wanna testify!) and we’ll be good as new :grinning:

Does Microlise tell if a driver is looking at a phone rather than the road?
If a driver who might be tempted to use a phone or whatever is dissuaded by a camera, isn`t that a good thing?

Of course some will shout about how they would never do such a thing, and maybe that is true.
Equally many of us will drive slower past a school etc, but not all of us. That is why we have lower speed limits there.
Cameras are not there to catch those who drive well, but the minority who do not drive well.

Who objects to cameras catching those not paying the tolls to enter cities? Those who don’t want to pay those tolls I expect.
If you object to tolls, vote in a council that will abolish them.

Only too happy to entertain the masses out there!


Remind me, are you Red Corner or Blue Corner?

directly no indirectly yes of course it does. it would show harsh braking dodgy acceleration and poor anticipation. same for all the examples given in your link a few posts up. cameras on the outside would also give an idea of how the lorry is being driven

MIcrolise does show poor speed management, true. There are many causes of poor speed management.
A camera will hopefully dissuade use of phones etc, but if it doesn’t prevent it, then it will show the bad driver up straight away.

Agree entirely with Mr Cooper.
Thing is mate you are wasting your time with Frangers, as I’ve said many times in the past,.he’s a serial conformist no matter how unfair, unjust, or a pure pi55 take the situation may be…the official line is gospel.!!

I think his Covid mask (which he undoubtedly still wears) has travelled too far up his face and is covering his eyes to the point of preventing him seeing the true picture even more so.than usual.

Rob and Franglais back to doing what they do best, it’s like we have never been away :rofl: