Images- a clarification

Given recent events I would like to clarify to all users of this forum our policy on images

All images can be posted, If someone claims copyright and requests it is removed we will remove it, we simply do not have the resources to check copyright on every image posted, that may be harsh but we can only work with what we have to remain within copyright law.

If you post an image that you own copy right to, and want it removed then edit your post to remove it, … I quote from the agreement you all signed up to

You agreed to an ongoing, free of charge, world wide, licence to publish your comments.

  • we again do not have the time to remove content you posted freely on here.

You may not agree with this policy, however - given the resources we have to run this forum this is about as good as its going to get- sending staff abusive messages and thinly veiled threats will not change this policy.

We will not accept at any time abuse to the volunteer moderators or paid staff of this forum, no matter how prolific a member of this forum they may have been. It is unacceptable and insulting to those who give up their own time to help this place exist.