I would like to drive only automatic trucks

Hi everyone
I’m new here and this is my first post.
I’m a warehouse operative making about 16k a year. I’m going to change this career to a lorry driver. but would like to drive only automatic trucks, just because I think it will be very difficult for me to successfully manage 8 gears or may be 16 gears.
My question is:
Is it more easier to learn automatic than manual?
are there good training centres with automatic trucks?
how about my chances to find a job as HGV auto driver?

You are what’s known as a steering wheel attendant. You should have no problems, sadly. You will be very unlucky to come across a manual box these days.

Best place for manuals is coop at Castlewood (M1 J28) which has loads of them. Actually quite nice to drive which is odd considering they are very basic scania rattleboxes.

Rare to come across them except in specialist jobs and very old battered up units so dont think the op will have too many probs finding an auto in most jobs.

Dont be too afraid of manual however - 8 speed is actually pretty easy and 16 can be driven as an 8 speed from what i understand (plus they seem super rare).

Pass in an auto then worry about manuals.

I learned only in auto, the option was there for manual for my class 2 test but taking gears out of the equation meant easier to learn and pass and go onto class 1. I have not yet come across an artic with gears, I have done agency work and now into a full time job.
I was also a warehouse guy with a supermarket.

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Not sure why everyone is saying manual is dead. On class 1 it’s super rare from what I’ve seen. On class 2 not so much. The nice thing is that it will usually be a 6 speed box. So it’s like driving a car with a really crap gearbox and heavy clutch.

And I’m not sure why it makes him a steering wheel attendent. I can drive manuals. I’d still pick an auto every day of the week. And my favourite car I ever owned was auto. I miss that BMW and am gutted the engine went on it. I also like cruise control, air suspension and AC.

Anyway - just tell your agency auto only. If full time tell them at interview auto only. Agencies will be fine with it. Mine have been told my red lines - so won’t put me near a cage, or have be doing residential multi drop as they know I’d be turning around and going home before I got in the truck. They accept it and offer me work which I’m okay with.

Manuals aren’t bad. Your on 16k a year if you get your licence you could double your current wage.
Don’t limit yourself by only driving manuals as it puts employers off.

I do class 1 work and I’m 50/50 auto and manual atm.

I have had my class 2 18 months and recently passed class 1.

I enjoy driving manual especially if it’s 8 gears manual. Makes the job more interesting