I see the Welsh Ayatollah is on tonight

…He hates cars more than Ken Livingstone so its a foregone conclusion what his views on trucks & truckers are…Talliban 'em all!! :laughing:
Bearing in mind that the general public or the BBC ( looking at that snap) can’t tell the difference between UK or foreign trucks anyway so will lump us all together.
Brace yourself for a lot of seasonal goodwill. It is ,after all ,Halloween…:laughing:
Look forward to the one where they make a list of all the accident stats of prangs involving police cars ( N. Wales )…?
news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/r … 081596.stm

Ahhh man!!!

You’re making my brain bleed!

What ever will they start on about next?

quote from that link

Real Story: Lethal Lorries is broadcast on BBC One at 1930BST on Wednesday 24th October 2006

is my watch wrong? I thought it was on the Wednesday 25th

bobthedog I hear they are going to do one about no tacho’s in North America…Sponsored by the BAG & Kienzle :laughing:

Driver-Once-More I think that gives you an idea how accurate these BBC fact finding leftie progs are… :laughing:
( Just make it up as you go along )

looks like someone spotted the mistake and has now changed it

Some facts you probably won’t see emphasised in the programme.
Nearly 2 thirds of all lorries stopped were fine and legal. So a far greater proportion of all lorries are probably ok.
Concentrating operations at Dover and Holyhead is bound to come up with foreign lorries.
400 people may have been killed in collisions with trucks, but are all those the fault of the lorry driver?
We have a similar mind set by some authorities here in France who are cutting down alot of those beautiful shade-giving plane trees planted (alledgedly by Boney) along our rural roads because they keep killing car drivers :open_mouth: :unamused: . No they don’t, it’s the numbskulls who keep banging into them :unamused: .
I wonder if the oh-so-impartial BBC will one day survey how many accidents are due to split speed limits? After all a car doing 60 is unlikely to run into the back of a truck doing 60.
Baz, he of the crusading bent, spent some 8 hours filming with them apparently putting across many points of aggravation like immovable deadlines and appalling treatment by receivers. The whole lot has been binned :angry: .

Anyone remember this.? This woman was a very adept political journalist with a great sense of humour. She suffered damage to her face & brain & was never seen on TV again. This was a police driver on the wrong side of the road at the Angel & City Rd. crossroads. She had the green light for walking across the road. It ruined her…

Saturday, February 27, 1999 Published at 19:27 GMT


TV presenter hit by police car
Channel 4 news presenter and broadcaster Sheena McDonald is in intensive care with head injuries after being hit by a police car in north London.
A spokesman for Channel 4 said she was in a stable condition after the accident in Islington on Saturday morning.

Her family is by her bedside at University College Hospital.

I thought she did recover and come back again, Harry. I have a vague recollection of her making a documentary about it.
Anyone got an update?