I remember drivers // southampton

i remember polly off rawlins from alton
chad from mamouth transport
jan polenski ( spelling ?) buckley / cliff / fred / jim / jw /

cabmount / pat scory / jim / bob e court / harry bray / robin and batman / keith / big sam / german driver manie / leo / Ted from Poland in workshops / tim and frank /
youing keith that started in office / tim /

transport services parkgate ltd
jim ,barry ,norma /fred blair / ? smith /

bob edwards int himself / gary burtun /

Now then catch22. There are a few names from the past. Richard(Polly) Parratt. I remember him when he was a butchers cutter.Dab hand with the knives.Pat Scorey. Still going strong. Fred Blair. Great feller. Ran with him a few times. If you want to see a few more names look on the Long departed Southampton Hauliers thread. Regards Charlie. :laughing: :laughing:

Well Catch22, I think I know almost everyone that you mentioned and especially the ones from Cabmont or PBC. Jim Squibb &Co. they were a well known bunch. Freddie Blair was a chap I knew well as he drove for me for a bit.
As Charlie said, go to the long departed Southampton Hauliers thread and some of the drivers are mentioned there. Those who are not then we can follow up on if you wish on that very thread. I for one would be pleased to and I am sure there are others too. So go for it and do a posting and we’ll follow it up.

Catch 22 here is a pic of Pat Scorey at the Simplon

Regards Pat