I need load picked up from Germany ASAP

I need 7m of a truck to bring back 700 tyres ,if anyone is bringing back a small load I can get the tyres loaded on Friday
Cant pay for a rig to go out on its own , this will be a 6 weekly pickup if interested
Frankfurt region to Devon
Regards Ray
07974 217 296 or pm me

Give Toby Ovens a call at Broughton transport Broughton Gifford Melksham.
Wiltshire.They cover Germany.Was Mortimers.
Or DSV in Avonmouth.
Davies Turner Avonmouth.
Gerry Jones ltd Wales.
TD Williams Wales.
Nolans Ireland.


Waberers from Hungary cover all Europe.
LK Walters in Austria the same.
Edy trans Romania.
Stop Trans lda.Portugal.
Trans Pascuale lda Portugal.

Thanks guys sorted now