I need a Driver Job!

Hi everybody!

I’ve been a season here in UK Bath Spa, currently working in a restaurant. Turns out nothing but I see ads drivers needed and I have my permit C (HGV class2) without giving any use. If you guys could help me I have to have or do to be eligible for employment any driver would you do me a big favor

Cheers Joaquín

start with the agencies mate, foot in the door

Its neccesary that I have the CPC?? Because I haven’t

Give Framptons a call on 01749 333 400.At Shepton Mallet.Ask for the human resources department to send you an application form from Lizzie Todd.They may pay for your additional licences and training or the Adr course too.
They may start you as an apprentice.
I used to swim a lot at the Olympic pool at Bath Uni.Good food in the cafe there too.
You may start on vans to multi drop pallet work on class two vehicles then on to artic work and get the licence paid for.

id guess (just a guess) that like everyone else you have till sept 2014 to have a driver CPC

sooner you start, the sooner you finish

As per DCPC in this area (Bristol+Bath) most agencys and companys wont touch you unless you have at least 3 days DCPC…
pleanty of work even though the pays still crap even for class 3 / 2

how long could I get the CPC?

you can start straight away, £60 a day x 5 days = £300, im gonna get my digicard and book a day to get on the system and show willing

Would I would take more than a license C and CPC course?

Would I would take more than a license C and CPC course?

not sure what you mean?

you have a C licence already and a DCPC isnt REALLY needed for a year but would be good to start now