I hope theres no fires under it


A plastic bridge ■■? ha ha :laughing:

Not exactly a new idea, although it might not have been done on quite this scale. Googling for “Plastic bridge” brings up a number of links:

hq.usace.army.mil/cepa/pubs/ … tory10.htm

phillyburbs.com/pb-dyn/news/ … 79350.html


Glad to see you read the news. :laughing: i’m sure the people that thought about this bridge have looked at the risk of fire,and done thing’s to ensure it’s safe. :wink:

TBH they’ve built bridges from wood for millenia and steel cable suspended bridges for a couple of hundred years and concrete ones for decades.

If you have a fire under any of those they can soon become knackered.

Wood obivously burns! Steel cables sofen with heat and stretch/snap and Concrete crumbles, even explodes with heat!