I hi all im new!

Wanna say hi to all, as im new and going to start navigating the board. im matt and run operating centre at derbyshire m1 29a.

Hey matt hi:-)
Does that mean you’re in charge of the wrong info on the gantrys? Not a hate figure of choice but we’ll make do :slight_smile:

Hi, no i run a yard that business can operate from, or use as a lorry park so there closer to routine drops etc.

Hi Matt,

It would be good if you take part in the forum, otherwise somebody might think you posted just to advertise. :wink:

I shall do!! Hope it a friendly bunch!!! lol.

Hi Matt, Welcome to Trucknet.

Some of our members can be a little…how do i say this without offending anyone.mmm…challenging. But most of us are a friendly bunch,however we do like to take the mick ocasionally. Feel free to join in :smiley:

If youre at J29a thats the one where they are building the new industrial estate isnt it?

Whats the building just next to the sliproad on the northbound side gonna be mate…Ive an argument going with a colleague about whether its gonna be a McDonalds or KFC …whatever it is theyre taking theyre time over it :smiley: :smiley:

m1 j29A Operating/C:
I shall do!! Hope it a friendly bunch!!! lol.

Oops your on a loser there… this lot will eat anyone alive :wink:
they have their moments ( a few more than others :wink: ) but on the whole there a good bunch. They are sharp tho… and will not hesitate to point out ( in no uncertain terms) if they think someone is extracting the urine - so please join in and participate, gain freinds and who knows maybe some business… blatently advertise and they will be getting the lynch mob warmed up ! :sunglasses:

lol thanks for the heads up!

Im not sure looks to complex to be a mcdees or kfc.

briefcase wan[ZB]