I hate the rain!

Class 1 starts tommorrow and its raining grrrrrr

Probably best to leave the reversing till monday then - dry forecast for most I think :slight_smile:

dlt usually do the reversing the day before in the morning but not worried about weather have to do it in work anyway

All im gonna say is stop moaning, so its raining.

What do you expect it to be perfect weather every time you go out.

Better to learn in the rain

What do you expect it to be perfect weather every time you go out.

YES :exclamation: :unamused: :wink: :laughing: :laughing:

Bloody hell man! You’re in Neath - you should be used to it. Probably never seen sunshine to know what it looks like :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Good luck BTW :smiley:

true lol but so far its been nice touch wood, just hoping for a really nice day on thursday as thats when my test is. 2nd day and so far its going well driving an r plate Renault Premium with a slap box not bad to drive really a few of the drivers in work whinged about them but i dont mind this one. BRING ON THURSDAY! :smiling_imp:


Thats the spirit - ZB the nerves :slight_smile:

I’ll only be six days behind you fella, so I’ll keep an eye out for you on the road in a fortnight :unamused:

You WANT it to rain on test day tho, less cyclists and pedestrians and more traffic cloggging up the road , thus taking you longer to get anywhere :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

gluk :smiley:

Never realised there was another Neath lad on here (well i live in the Ferry actually) who do you work for DABenji ■■ There was another member from Neath on here a couple of years ago but i cant remember his name now and i dont know if he still comes on here or not.


remember clean mirrors and windows before starting the test and if your mirrors mist up or are obscured by too much water you can ask to stop and clean them. The examiner is looking to see you can safely operate the vehicle if he cannot see the end of the trailer he knows that you can’t. A scrubbed kerb because of bad visibility is still a scrubbed curb (Test Over!!).

The renault is nice to use as a training unit, just watch out for the disappearing clutch pedal (always a dead cert to get you flustered on a test) :wink:

Good Luck for Thursday

this one has a disapearing accelarator pedal lol trying a hill start from a traffic lights is interesting if you dont know about it lol.

Reef John Raymonds i work for and just as luck would have it i am in the Ferry too just up by Hengwrt primary

looks like it will be a nice day on thursday no rain bright but enough cloud to keep the sun out of my eyes.

1 more day to go and its looking better, got the speed to junctions and roundabouts almost spot on, my gearing is getting smoother, reversing is easy (i know not to get cocky with it but i am reversing all the time in work so i would be angry at myself if i couldnt get it right) and i am making better progress when i started my training i was a little nervous so i was holding back a little now i have more confidence over what the vehicle can do and what i can do so i am just hoping for nothing silly to happen on the day to spoil it.

if your mirrors mist up or are obscured by too much water you can ask to stop and clean them.

You do not have to ask - just TELL the examiner that you are going to stop somewhere safe and convenient to clean them - same for seat adjustment or anything else that you NEED to stop for.

a bacon sandwich and a cuppa■■? :smiley:

a bacon sandwich and a cuppa■■? :smiley:

If it’s the test before lunch and you are buying then maybe but don’t expect any less time for the on the road test :unamused: :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

lol just a pass would surfice

D’oh just took notice of your avatar and realised it was an old raymonds unit… I should have worked it out from that… lol

Wanted… A decent job in a decent truck with a decent gaffer for a decent wage…Thats not too much to ask now is it ?

PROBABLY way too much to ask for :wink:

WOOHOO Test tommorrow.

Cant wait i have been looking forward to this for ages.