I had a blowout today

On a site travelling up a dirt road waiting to get loaded, no big deal it was on the middle axle of the trailer, I called it in and waited to get loaded, if I pulled out of the queue I would have had to wait another 2 hours after the tyre swap,

Here is the funny bit, when I called back I was put through to the maintenance boss who is a co owner of the outfit, he said-

“Why did the tyre burst?”
I said “what?”
He said “why did you drive it and get loaded and then drive outside”

I said that it made common sense as the tyre had a tear in the sidewall from the blow out but it was still on the rim so it couldn’t be fixed anyway, I only had to drive 300 yards to get to a safe place and I saved them 2 hours as I got loaded.

His response was laughable, he told me to put the tyre in the trailer and bring it back to let him see it as he couldnt believe a tyre could just blow as I must have struck a kerb or something.

I told him I had a walking floor trailer loaded to the roof with sawdust, he told me to wind the sheet off and lift it on top and fetch it out once ive tipped,

I said no chance

His closing statement was leave it in the lay by and pick it up next time im passing.

This was the funniest strangest day ive ever had but it made me laugh.

I’ve seen tires rated at 135psi. I don’t want to be around if one of them goes bang.

Inflation to 135psi is within the capabilities of a good tyre, but as strange as it may seem, the rim may not be able to handle that much pressure :open_mouth:

I believe it was Michelin that did a study on this? The wide singles 455/45 can take 130+psi, but the wide base rims necessary for those tyres could not apparently.

Sounds a load of ■■■■■■■■ if you ask me, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Tell the can’t to grow a pair, get a licence, and have a go…

I had a trailer tyre blow out just as I was turning in the entrance to a delivery. The tyre had loads of thread and no damage to the sidewall. I’ve heard talk of brand new tyres blowing out so it could happen at any time.

Sitting here half asleep as been working all last night and the day before and misread the title … thought ‘the lucky git’ !! then the fog cleared :frowning:

Sounds like your maintenance manager is one of those ’ I did the first few months of an apprenticeship, but then decided that I didn’t like the dirt and all the heavy lifting’, so he then went off and made his money as an insurance salesman. He does however rather view himself as an expert in repairing punctures in his kids’ bikes.


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