I dont know what to do!

i am in a bit of a pickle ,i have been working for a local haulage firm for the past 3 months ,but i dont want nights out, im on the ridgids still , passed my class 1 b4 i started with them but i think cos i dont like nights out at the mo cos my mum and a brain hemmorage and i like to check she is ok , im doing max driving time 10 hrs and 9 hrs tell me to start at such a time then change there mind ! i know haulage is like that i wondered how you get on to trunking for the supermarkets? i was even thinking off going back to the agency and do days or nights im ok at what ever just i cant do nights out i dont like jacking a job without one to go to but its getting me down and i know i will :cry:

assuming you are not very confident with artics, any decent agency will start you on trunking to get your confidence up. things will be picking up soon with the xmas stock going out so drivers will be in huge demand which means you can pick and choose what work you want

confident! ive never driven one yet! most drivers i have asked said i should go to the agency and ask for night trunking or day trunking , i like te sound of that i dont mind doing the same run , i would get used to the depots and rdcs , i have been to them in the ridgid and there seems lots of room ! just what i need lol , i just get scared that i wont have work ,cos i cant do nights out i think i wont get class 1 work , i mean im unhappy were i am but is it worth jacking? i know i wont get chance there to drive class1 , they have started 2 drivers a few weeks ago both class 1 and im now driving a 7.5 tonner! :open_mouth:

a common misconception. not all class 1 work involves nights out. i have been with my current agency since last may. in that time i have spend a total of 4 nights out in an artic and that was all in a single week. my location means i have a lot of RDCs in my area so i have done mainly shop deliveries but those RDCs need supplying so i have done a lot of trunking too. most agency work is a days work then home after the shift.
as for jacking your current job, no one can decide that one for you. you need local information before making that choice. it might be worth speaking to a few agencies and explaining your dilemma to them. a decent one will ease you into class 1 rather than chucking you in to the tricky jobs straight away

Talk to all your local agencies and explain that you don’t do nights out and why you don’t. I haven’t done a night out in over 5 years on agencies and most of that has been class 1. Don’t think about it too long or you’ll miss the Christmas mad period, which is your golden opportunity to make a name with the agency you choose.

well i got back today ,had a night out last night the boss called me in the cab this morning asking were i parked up i said it was in a laybay about 10 miles from base i had done 10hrs and a few min more drive time to get there! cos of a accident on the m11 in the morning so he said forget about any night out money! i should have rung in and he would have picked me up,i did not know that, so i stated at 4 this morning finished at 5 and i have a 4 am start to london in the morning or had! i told him if i was not getting £25 for my night out stick your job , i have been there 5 months now,at first it was ok and he kept promising a run in the class 1 every now and then but he never kept them ,even took 3 new class 1 drivers for 2 new motors! i rang an agency today explained everything and that i have my class 1 but just now cos of my mum i can only do the odd night out and i have no experince ,they said they were busy and can give me a contract guranteeing 40 hrs a week and i will be givin class 1 jobs after a ferw months to see how i go? more promises? or am i been to expectent? :unamused:

he sounds a right mardy ■■■ boss, would av cost him £10 in fuel plus his time to pick you up anyway, time to move on mate, try Bridge Agency in Bradford.

Nowt wrong with a bit of trunking - particularly on nights :smiley:

Apart from a few weeks on general work, trunking is all I’ve done and I love it. Certainly around here there’s always someone looking for night trunkers; for some reason it’s not a very popular job. I leave at the same time every day (give or take half an hour) and get back at pretty much the same time. I have the same unit every night (except for breakdowns) and go to the same place, on the same bay with the same loader. There are a few variations in the route to combat boredom, and the traffic and road conditions are never the same twice.

There is also quite a good atmosphere out there at night. I have an ongoing “affair” with a blue van (company name with-held to protect the inoccent!) who passes me several times a night. He must do drops near to the roads I use, and we now flash and wave every night. Don’t know who he is, but I see more of him than some of our day drivers :smiley:

It’s an easy job with little hassle. The downside is that you don’t get much experience of other roads/yards/bays, but you do gain confidence. I can back onto my bay almost blind-fold, and reversing (on the good side) doesn’t bother me at all now.

Try the agengies slackeye, there’s bound to be some night trunks going spare, particularly with Xmas coming up.