Huws Gray

The company I work for just now have been taken over by the Welsh based builders merchant.
Just wondering if anyone has ever worked for them or know anyone who has.
Had a look on a few review sites and the reviews seem to be very split.
Thanks in advance

I currently work for them, been there for 6 years driving for 2, they look after their lads and you get a decent bonus every christmas depending on branch performance. The only ‘issue’ is they’ve lost the small family business feel over the years as they are becoming so huge

One of the big bosses, Terry I think, was up recently, seemed ok.
Do they pay company sick pay and for CPC training?

I dealt with a local builders merchants for many years. It was taken over by HG and not heard complaints from any of the staff. The drivers seemed happier because HG bought new trucks but I have no idea on the pay side.
A friend of mine moved from BQ as a branch manager to something less in HG and increased his salary.
As a firm to deal with, as a customer, I find them very straight.
Hope that helps.

That’s great thanks.
Time will tell I suppose, hopefully just let us get on with it as our place is a good number for this industry.

Nobody likes change but if you can ride out the transition period you’ll find that “Whose Gay” is generally a good & mutually beneficial Co’ to work for & certainly one of the best BM’s.

Any branch location of any Co’ relies on the professionalism of the characters that work there, Huws Gray don’t pressurise or incentivise the branch management to get you to do things that just aren’t possible & I’d rather work for the worst Huws Gray branch on its worst day than the best Jewsons branch on its best day.