How not to toe

Can’t decide if this is real or fake.

Fake video with computer generated image.

Looks real to me.
OK CGI is pretty good, but that looks like a lot of good detail if it is.

21/11/2023 date stamp.

Looks pretty real and not uncommon to see a wrecker picking something up that breaks down and has to be rescued by another wrecker. How legal that is I’m not sure 2 wreckers and a tow vehicle I mean.

Looks real enough, though the new generation of video gaming engines make many scenes indistinguishable from real life, can’t see why anyone would bother doing it for a low-key response

The way the oscillation starts from the front pivot points, and is multiplied down the chain looks real enough*. The white car approaching from the opposite direction pulling across and stopping, the following van avoiding the debris, if fake a heck of a lot went into it.

*Not that I have seen an accident like this in real life! but slow the vid down and watch how the swing multiplies backwards, and how the tail ends up wagging the dog.

Or even tow. But I’m going for fake, simply because I cannot believe a heavy tow truck driver would be dumb enough to attempt such a stupid stunt. No employer is going to employ a new pass, or driver with limited experience or intelligence for this type of role.

One would hope so…but… :astonished:

I’m going for fake - the second tow truck isn’t raised at the front and there’s no tyre marks from the rear wheels of the bus. And why would it be swinging around like that - it’s not icy or wet.

Depending what broke, requiring towing, usually there is no need to lift the front axle.
A combination such as that can certainly develop a sway, but that looks too quick and severe to be real.

I’ve played it through at slow speed and enlarged the cross-hatching section.

There seems to be some marks left on the white paint of the centre reserve.

Where the rear of the coach hits a tree: the branch is a uniform grey colour before the collision, but has a whitish scar after the collision.

I think it is. At 0.05 the three axles of the front truck are just obscuring the white line. The back two axles of the middle truck are too, but not the front axle. I think it is raised a little.

Not apparently slippery, but if you’ve seen a badly loaded caravan wagging a car? That can start for no obvious reason. And as the coach wags the back of the middle wrecker, it has no driver to correct any sway, and pivots on the back to the front vehicle.

The coach appears to be Alpine buses of North Wales, and on a school contract from the yellow sign.
The time stamp is November last year.
There is a heavy recovery firm with a similar paint scheme to the middle truck, the red/yellow swirls over black, but I can’t see the exact truck anywhere.

I wouldn’t say it must be real, but I do lean that way.

Six months old - first I’ve seen of it - the haters would have been all over this.

I do agree that some serious effort must have been applied to fake it, though.

That’s a good spot. If there is a load of school kids in the bus running around that won’t have helped it staying in line.

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If that’s real the guy doing the towing is in the wrong job, he should be sacked

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