How much cost a Kilometer of a empty Artic

Say,… (Just a Game)
Company fones Office that they have to move 3 Trailer,but just 2 Units available.
Office sends 3 Artics and 2 have to go back empty.
Each Way is 1 Hour 15 minute Drive,2 H 30 Min retourn in that Case.

Now,as the Office decides who is a good Driver and who not i rather would turn it around to see which Officer wastes how much Money.

20p per km for diesel, 1-2p per km for servicing and tyre wear. I don’t know the distance so I cannot tell you the cost per km for wages.

add in so much for the office bods and fixed costs like finance depreciation, insurance …and you get to why I’d rather drive someone else’s kit than be an OD :laughing:

Its 85 Kilometer each Way about.
But its just an Excample and i have driven empty by previous Companies due to miss of Office many Kilometers.
Had a Friend in a West Austrian Transport Company who drove a real American MACK with a Foodtank. He got sent empty on Friday to Latina to load Monday 08.00 24 Ton Wine.
He was there at time,just to find 30 Pallets waiting for him :grimacing:

Its just that i dont like the “Good and Bad Driver”
How will you judge that from Office.
Just give a Friend nice Work and he is quick better then the one who gets the difficult Work,the good Driver isnt able to do.
I dont like such Judgements in General. I rather suggest to give someone easier Work if you see struggling him,but dont look down to someone who does the Work that pays your Wages.
Sometimes a Sentence of the Bible wouldnt be a fail.

sometimes a sentence in coherent English joined up writing would be a pass. :astonished:
however that reads,its better that any attempt I might have in writing in some hurdy-gurdy lingo… :slight_smile: