How long was it until the Severe Daily-Anxiety of driving a lorry stopped occuring for You personally? :/

NFI, but you now owe me some back. :joy:

Dont eat yellow snow, and if in Thailand…check FIRST before proceeding .:joy:

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I was on a train the other day, when a gorgeous looking Thai girl sat on the seat opposite me. All I could think was “oh please don’t crack a fat, don’t crack a fat, don’t crack a fat.”
But she did! :astonished:

I actually had to google that Oz terminology to get it …Bruce :grinning:
But nice one anyhoo .:joy:

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Strikes me you are in need of sterner restraints SDU. :astonished: :rofl:

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Or better glasses? Look for that Adam’s Apple :wink:

Sometimes it’s hard to get your eyes that high.