How long until my digi Tacho arrives?

Been offered 2 jobs but both need my tacho, just wondering how long others have taken as I’m out of work and stressing [emoji23] thanks in advance.

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I think most people get their driver card within a week.

I’ll move this to the new drivers forum where you’re likely to get more replies from people who have been in a similar position.

Mine was less than a few weeks. DVLA normally throw licenses out pretty quickly so no point stressing, it’ll be there in no time.

About 10 days mine took to arrive

I understand they arrive within 2 weeks as a rule. It’s a bit late for the OP, but it’s good general advice to apply for the digicard in the period between passing theory tests and starting practical driver training. That way it should be in place.

Same applies to driver cpc. Sort it early so that you’re ready to rock once you’ve passed your test.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks everyone, I passed last may but ended up staying at the job I was in so forgot to get it but now I need it [emoji23] getting calls off agencies but can’t start haha

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A driver with just a B (car) licence can get a digicard so my advice is to apply for one at the same time as sending D2 & D4 forms

Mine arrived in less than a week. Was very shocked!