How are the newbies getting on?

I’ve been reading these forums for the last month or so and have noticed so many guys that were in the same predicament as me, who finally took the plunge to get their licences.

Just wondered how the new folk to the HGV world are getting on since passing. I have been looking into getting my Cat 2 licence after 3 years working as a driving instructor for the AA which has left my disillusioned with teaching. Just looking for a reputable company near the Camberley, Surrey area to train with.

Has it been worth it and would you recommend it? I was hoping to get into the tippers or skip delivery, as I don’t want to be working all hours or over night as I have a young family now.


Flair training in Chelmsford I can recommend know you said you dont want night out but going away to do licence can be better at times

I did my Cat C locally did my CE with John ( LGV trainer / flair training ) less distractions although didnt tell anyone

John is excellent but, if you want to be more local, Sean @ EP Training is your man. If you’re considering anyone else, mention their name on here for feedback.

If you want to transfer your instructional skills, have a word with me when you’ve held your licence for 3 years.

There seems to be a massive upturn in work for newbies so you have picked a good time.

All the best, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

I did my c a few months ago and have half heartedly been looking around for work on rigids so far been offered work on a 6 tonne car transporter with a trailer carrying 2 cars but turned it down as it was away all week without sleeper cab! ! The seats are comfy enough i was told. Also been offered work locally on a mixer, it’s for a friend of a friend but i am holding out on it at the moment as I’m doing my c+e this week.
I think now is the time to do it if your serious.

Edited as it looks like I’m a right fussy fella lol I’m currently in a job so i don’t want to just jump at the first offer. So i can afford to be a little fussy lol

I only passed my class 2 last month could not get a full time job but have just started agency it seems to be the way forward i have just landed a 3 week contract startin tuesday drivin a class 2 but b4 that all i had got was van work or a wee bit of 7and a half work. Its a means to a end but i am hopefull if i prove my self one of the jobs i get through agency may land me full time work