Hornigold haulage

Anyone worked for or know anything about this firm in Northamptonshire please? Never managed to speak to any of their drivers when I’ve seen em about

Do a night trunk up to Gafoor poultry Preston Lancs every night to swap trailers never spoke to them but expect it to be a smelly job ! :wink:

One of our agency guys does the odd night trunk for them to wherever it is they get the chicken waste cleaned out of the trailers. Said it wasn’t a bad job but didn’t go into pay and such like. I’m sure I’ve seen them pulling tanks which I believe is liquid waste of various types and every so often they are delivering at our place out of curtainsides, which I would presume would be animal feeds of some variety or another.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

Did a few nights for them on carlsberg. The night man Nigel is a top bloke, the lorries were clean and I found them good to work for. Can’t say about pay because I was with an agency who I know was screwing the drivers. They’ve also got a bloody big dog and the yard is a fairly accurate replica of 1918’s Flanders :slight_smile: