Hope for new drivers

last year we took on a newly qualified driver. It was a big risk as a small haulier / owner driver with a few vehicles.
However after going through the agency and a few “experienced” drivers, we received the details of a “new” driver.

The experienced drivers told us how they were marvelous and had been here there and everywhere, but when it came down to it they didn’t want to tramp ( even though this had been advertised) or didn’t want to start early ( again advertised) or couldn’t fill out the paperwork or were drink diving!!!

We got a phone call from a driver who said - " I have recently passed my test and want to drive HGV’s doing nights but as I have only just passed I don’t think you will want to speak to me so I won’t bother and go and it doesn’t matter, sorry for wasting your time…"

Anyway before he put the phone down a meeting was arranged and he had a trial…(insurance had an additional excess added!!)
He was so nervous he nearly wrote the truck off in the forst week hurrying to get the job done…
I quiet word in his ear to slow down and take it easy and he is still with us 18 months later… He was recently offered a job with a large company with a better working pattern to suit him and a bit more money but he chose to stay with us as we had given him a chance…

The lesson of this is that it is possible to get a job (even if some of the big boys say you need 2 years experience) and as long as you have the right attitude and are willing to take on any comments then it can be possible to get on the ladder.

Great encouragement indeed! Too many times I have been told come back in 2 years. The industry needs more employers like you to give us newcomers a chance and gain the all important experience. I have loads of experience of european driving in Sprinters etc and now have a class 2 licence as well. You would have thought the two together would have stood me in good stead. Keep up the good work!!

ok am curious how many vehicles

i dnt mind tramping :smiley: prefer it in fact

and i can get out of bed early :open_mouth: i have a loud alarm clock

the only thing is i cant do weekend’s :confused:

oh the only things i haven’t done is tippers (willing to learn )

and tanks bit dubious but willing to have a bash

oh bags of experience reliable honest

so od any jobs going ? pm if prefered