Holyhead to dublin

advise on how long does it take or would i be on the slow ferry or the quicker one is it drive on drive off etc used to do stranraer to belfast years ago advise please class one arctic

Slow. Most likely Ulysses.

The fast crafts can barely accommodate two coaches.

Last time i did that on irish ferries it was like a 3 hour ish crossing or something, drive on and drive off

More like close to 4 hours including loading and docking the actuall boat part is 3:30 but the dockers are seriusly slow at times, with a hgv I’d imagine your either on Talibanski ferries or Stena either one is crap.

3hrs 15mins. Unless on HSS which does take trucks but is very expensive. I wouldnt call them crap personally, food is ok, plenty to occupy yourself of a day crossing on Ulysses. Any of the other boats take something to occupy you. It can be slow loading Ulysses when busy because of its sheer size, there are up to four truck decks.

thanks guys